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We have 3 classrooms for the 18 months through 36 months

  • Ms. Maria  younger 2's  turning 18 months by Sept. 1st
  • Ms. Patty  age 2 by Sept. 1st
  • Ms. Melanie older 2's turning 3 from September through December

                             JUST FOR TWO’S CLASSES

ABC 123’s Just for Two’s class consists of children eighteen months old to under three by September 1st. 

The class is a complete developmental program for three hours 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  We have obtained a program from High Reach Learning, who have put much research into this program and have developed a well-rounded curriculum.  This program consists of  “Cuddle Bugs” (16-24 months old) and “Tender Times” (24 months- 36 months).

The “Cuddle Bugs” curriculum encourages toddler to explore the world around them and helps build vocabulary, small and large motor skills, and much more.  This monthly theme-based curriculum allows teachers to spend quality learning time with toddlers.

 “Tender Times” is a hands-on curriculum designed just for two year olds.  This monthly theme-based curriculum develops beginning readiness skills by building basic concepts and skills.

 The Skills and Concepts learned with each age group are:

*Listening                                             *Talking                                                *Vocabulary/Flash Cards

*Colors                                                 *Self-Concept                                               *Socialization

*Music                                                 *Art                                                     *Small/Large Muscle Control

*Dramatic Play                                    *Creative Expression                                          *Spanish

*Nursery Rhymes                                 *Finger Plays                                                    *Shapes



There are different topics they learn each month for example, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ground Hog Day, Fire Safety, Dental Health, Presidents, and Cinco de Mayo are just to name a few.