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              Director's End of the Year 2018 Newsletter

*Parents please call and let us know if your child will absent or will be coming in later than scheduled.* 

We are registering for summer and fall.  Your child is NOT automatically enrolled for summer or fall.  REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  If you have not registered your child and you plan to do so, please do so quickly.  The spaces are available on a first come basis.  The registration forms are in the office.  If you already have the registration forms, please turn them into the office. If you are registering for summer, the $60.00 is due before the end of May.  The fall registration payment is due before August you may also make this in payments.  We need the forms to reserve your child's space. 

We will be closed on Memorial Day Monday, May 28th

End of the school year parties on Thursday, May 31st.  The last day of school is Friday, June 1st.

Summer School
Summer school begins Monday, June 4th.  We are starting our summer program earlier this year.  We know siblings and parents that are at different school districts get out later.  Let Ms. Kim know your child's last day so she can prorate the month for you.  All children signed up for summer school should be moving to different classrooms and teachers. 

We would like to wish all of our mothers a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for all of your hard work, love, and dedication.

We would like to thank all of you for bringing your children here.  We hope everyone has a wonderful summer.  We hope to see you in the summer and/or fall.

May 28-  Closed for Memorial Day
May 31- End of the Year Parties- check with your child's teacher
June 1-  Last Day of School
June 4-  Summer School Begins
July 4-  Closed for 4th of July